Understanding Dad™

Understanding Dad™

Understanding Dad™ is a unique program that helps mothers improve their relationship with the father(s) of their children for the benefit of their children. This program helps mothers better understand the importance of involving dad in their children’s lives, and how to better communicate with the father(s) of their child(ren).

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  • 9 week classes
  • Schedule to be released soon
  • Pre-K Childcare Provided
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Many studies have shown that a father’s involvement in their children’s lives significantly benefits their children. Oftentimes, however, a mother’s gatekeeping behavior prevents or reduces a father’s access to their children.

This program encourages self-awareness and helps moms improve their communication skills needed to improve the partnership between them and the father of their children in raising their children (e.g. co-parenting when mothers and fathers are no longer together).

Understanding Dad™ raises mothers’ awareness about the importance of a father’s involvement in the lives of their children; helps mothers reflect on how their own developmental histories have, and continue to have, an influence on their relationship with the fathers of their children; and helps mothers work with the father of their children to put the focus on raising their children to establish a parenting approach for the benefit of their children.