24-7 Dad® Class Information

SpoFI has partnered with the National Fatherhood Initiative to present their 24-7 Dad® evidence-based curriculum to our community.

Growth & Community with 24-7 Dad®

Classes are forming now. All classes meet twice a week for 6 weeks at our offices with Remote Zoom options available.

SpoFI has partnered with the National Fatherhood Initiative to present their 24-7 Dad® evidence-based curriculum to our community.

24-7 Dad® Basic is designed for all dads including first time fathers or young men who desire to become fathers. This class is well suited for non-custodial fathers as well.

We also offer 24-7 Dad® Advanced to graduates of our 24-7 Dad® Basic classes for fathers who have some experience and seek to become better fathers.

We offer these classes regularly throughout the year at our offices with remote Zoom options available. Classes are kept small to allow for robust discussion and interaction between the fathers.

The 24-7 Dad®

  • Knows His Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Cares for Himself
  • Knows How to Father
  • Knows How to Parent
  • Builds Healthy Relationships with Family and Community

24-7 Dad® Basic

Many fathers in our community grew up without a father in their home. These men do not have the relationship and parenting tools they need to be effective, devoted fathers. For these men and those who aspire to be fathers someday, this evidence-based class teaches them basic fatherhood, parenting and relationship skills.

SpoFI offers this comprehensive class six time a year at our offices and, when needed, to remote students via Zoom. The class is taught in twelve, two-hour sessions.

Basic and Advanced classes are scheduled sequentially. Both versions are taught twice a week on weekday evenings.

247 Dad Morpheus with his daughter

Topics Include

  • Family History and Its Impact on Fathering
  • What it Means to Be a Man
  • Discipline/Punishment
  • The Father’s Role
  • Communication
  • Working with Mom and Co-Parenting
  • Showing and Handling Feelings
  • …and so much more

24-7 Dad® Advanced

24-7 Dad® Advanced is a more advanced and in-depth. This class challenges fathers to become the best Dads they can be. The course focuses on self-evaluation, relationships, parenting skills and co-parenting. It is designed for fathers who have experience and want to improve fathering skills. Enrollment is open to 24-7 Dad® Basic graduates and by approval by the instructor after reviewing an application.

This evidence-based curriculum is taught in twelve, two-hour sessions in a format similar to the 24-7 Dad® classes.

Topics include

  • Boyhood to Manhood
  • Dealing with Anger
  • Sex, Love and Relationships
  • Competition and Fathering
  • Improving My Communication Skills
  • Fun with the Kids – Fathering and Fun
  • Stress, Alcohol (drugs) and Work
  • And more!
AM graduation 6-14-22

What do Some of Our Graduates think?

5 Fathering skills I have learned as result of participating in this group are:

  • Taking care of myself
  • Role Modeling
  • Honoring my children from their perspective
  • Stopping and thinking twice
  • Involving my kids more in day to day activities

Adam Howerton

24-7 Dad®Grad 2022

  • Healthy communication
  • Discipline techniques
  • Patience
  • Showing and handling feelings
  • Sympathy & empathy

Kaleb Koontz

24-7 Dad®Grad 2023

  • Plan one-on-one dates with my boys.
  • Not taking there power from them.
  • Keeping my promise with not only my boys but friends and family.
  • Being a rock star listener.

Garrett Skirvin

24-7 Dad®Grad 2023

Tuition for this class is normally $900 however, through the generosity of our donors, or through our contract with WA State DCYF, we are able to offer this program at no cost to you.