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24/7 Dad Fatherhood training classes.

Take Me Out
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Ball Game

Join us on Family Feast Nights
August 28, 2019

Don't miss the fun. We had a great time with the 24/7 Dad kids at the last two games we attended together.

24/7 Dad Classes - Get involved

We could use your help providing dinner for our classes. We feed between 15 and 30 twice a week. Doesn't matter if you're a professional chef, great home cook or your best recipe is reservations and VISA we can use your expertise! SpoFI covers the meal cost, we just need you!

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Fatherhood Training
24/7 Dad AM Classes Now Forming
Tues and Thurs for 6 Weeks
Mon and Wed for 6 Weeks
Dinner 6:30 PM; Class 7 - 9:00 PM

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generous donations to SpoFI are greatly appreciated.

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Our Mission is to:

Build Stronger Families

Build Stronger Dads

Build Stronger Kids

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