What is Spokane Fatherhood Initiative (SpoFI)?

Spokane Fatherhood Initiative is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation founded on the principle that fatherlessness is the primary cause of nearly all of our nation’s social problems.

In 2016 and 2017, SpoFI’s founders convened a series of community conversations about fatherlessness. The outcome of those discussions was that Spokane, the birthplace of Father’s Day, lacked an organization that provided training, support and encouragement for fathers.

The vision and mission of the Spokane Fatherhood Initiative is to restore the value of fatherhood so that every child has a present, loving and nurturing father.

SpoFI fulfills its vision and mission by offering

  • Relationship Training classes for dads and moms
  • Direct Services for Families
  • Community Education Events

We also offer Family Law self-help services in addition to a host of other family strengthening, community-building activities.

What our dad’s have to say about SpoFI

Spokane Fatherhood Initiative helps Fathers & Mothers

Latest News & Events

  • SpoFI Fathers of the Year Nominations 2024

    Nominations may be made by SpoFI Board and Advisory Board Members; 24-7 Dad® Alumni; current and past Dad2Dad group members; 24-7 Dad® Class Facilitators, Co-Facilitators and Observers. Final Selection Committee shall be comprised of at least three members appointed by the SpoFI President, Ron Hauenstein.

  • The Importance of Second Chance Month: Empowering Returning Citizens in Spokane

    The Importance of Second Chance Month: Empowering Returning Citizens in Spokane

    Join SpoFI in celebrating Second Chance Month! Learn how you can support Returning Citizens in Spokane and help create a more inclusive community.

  • SpoFI Dads: Your Voice Matters in Shaping the Future of Fatherhood

    SpoFI Dads: Your Voice Matters in Shaping the Future of Fatherhood

    SpoFI dads: Share your experiences & shape fatherhood policies in a statewide survey. Make your voice heard & help SpoFI support fathers. Participate now!

  • Join SpoFI Alumni and Families at Spokane Indians Family Feast Night

    SpoFI is hosting another Alumni event with the Spokane Indians! We’ll have a reserved section above 1st base for all our dads, their families & guests.

  • One Heart Two Homes Co-Parenting Classes

    One Heart Two Homes Co-Parenting Classes

    Raising children in two homes can be a very difficult experience for everyone. We acknowledge that all parties involved are struggling through one of the most painful experiences of their lives. Our goal is to lessen the hostility and increase the teamwork between parents by honoring each circumstance, educating in a non-judgmental way, and providing information that will help bridge the gap between two homes.

  • Join SpoFI Dad2Dad’s & Alumni for Spokane Chiefs vs. Seattle Thunderbirds Part II

    Join SpoFI Dad2Dad’s & Alumni for Spokane Chiefs vs. Seattle Thunderbirds Part II

    March 9, 2024 — Doors @ 5 PM Puck Drop: 6:05 Seattle Thunderbirds vs. Spokane Chiefs SpoFI Is looking forward to our second Chiefs game!…

  • Thriving Dads are Good for Business

    Spokane Fatherhood Initiative helps men become better dads, who also become better employees. Committed, dedicated fathers who are connected to their families make good employees. Responsible Fatherhood programs, like those offered by SpoFI, not only improve fathers’ economic prospects but also foster valuable social connections and support networks. This comprehensive approach enhances fathers’ stability, dependability, and longevity as employees, presenting a strong case for business sponsorship.

  • What emotion causes the most damage in relationships? I’d vote for anger.

    What emotion causes the most damage in relationships? I’d vote for anger.

    An angry outburst can inflict emotional damage that often becomes an emotional strain that lasts decades. I was recently blessed to have a conversation about how we teach overcoming anger at SpoFI with Dr. Michelle Watson Canfield, am amazing author, speaker, blogger and counselor, who’s professional career has focused on father-daughter relationships.

  • Thank you for helping us reach 88% of our 2023 EOY goal!

    Thank you for helping us reach 88% of our 2023 EOY goal!

    We had an exciting finish to our fundraising campaign, as our December gift total reached $28,176. Our campaign total stands at $79,176, or 88% of the $90,000 we hoped to raise. This is an amazing demonstration of support for fathers and families. To all who gave, we say thank you.

  • “Donor generosity changed my life, changes others’ lives; I see it changing lives every single day”

    Donor generosity changed Jim’s life. He’s become a better father in SpoFI 24-7 Dad classes & stresses how important donated scholarships are.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) When do the next series of classes start?

For upcoming classes and registration info, hit up the Classes section

Q) How much does it cost to enroll?

Our fee schedule is available. However, scholarships and state support usually cover 100% of class costs.

Q) Does SpoFI offer Family Law help?

Yes, we do! We offer free self-help services, coached by legal professionals at our Family Law Self-help Center.

Family Law help for anyone currently not represented by an attorney regardless of income or gender


What do Our Students think?

“This program is absolutely amazing and highly recommend both the AM [Basic] and PM [Advanced] classes to every father


Christopher  Matthews

24:7 Dad® Graduate

Basic, Advanced

“Thank you! This program has forever changed both mine and my daughter’s lives for the better. God Bless SpoFi. :)”


Logan Decoursey

24:7 Dad® Graduate

Basic, Advanced

“I’m so glad that I took this class. I really liked it, and tell others about this class.”


Roy Arnette

24:7 Dad® Graduate

Basic, Advanced

“I want to be in my kids’ lives because my dad was not in mine. I no longer see myself as a failure but as a work in progress. It means the world to me to be just one step closer to getting my kids back.”

Josiah Robinson

Josiah Robinson

24:7 Dad® Graduate

Basic, Advanced, Dad2Dad

“Dad, I always knew you’d come back,” said James’ 10 year old son about his dad’s reunification.

James Tidwell

James Tidwell

24:7 Dad® Graduate

Basic, Advanced, Dad2Dad, 2022 Father of the Year

“It was a constant message growing up that I was a bad kid. I was always told…to be good. I was never told that I was good. Spofi gives us the space where we can speak about our concerns. We can speak about our doubts and we can get validated and encouraged to do better. It is with your [SpoFI Donor] support. My daughter has her father very present in her life. I can’t express my gratitude enough for you.”

Morpheus Oneiroi

Morpheus Oneiroi

24:7 Dad Graduate

Basic, Advanced

Spokane Fatherhood Initiative Reviews

Fatherhood Training and Parenting Classes

We help moms & dads adopt tools, skills & behavioral changes needed to become better spouses, parents & partners.

24-7 Dad® Classes Forming

Registration now open for March 5th classes
Statewide Classes via Zoom

Fathering in 15™

These one-on-one classes meet at mutually convenient times for the student and Facilitator, usually on Zoom

Statewide Classes via Zoom

Anger Free Dad

Embark on a journey towards better anger management with the Anger Free Dad course. Master techniques to manage expectations, reflect on past incidents, and lead your family with calmness, enhancing relationships with your wife, children, and colleagues.