SpoFI Board of Directors

The Spokane Fatherhood Initiative (SpoFI) Board of Directors consists of dedicated individuals committed to the organization’s mission. The board includes Ron Hauenstein, the President and Founder, Fred Dent as Vice President and Founding Board Member, Darrel Startin serving as Vice President of Training & Recruitment, Mark Andresen as Secretary and Founding Board Member, Nathan Henry as Treasurer, and board members Tamara Bush and Ike Whitaker. These individuals play a pivotal role in steering SpoFI towards its goal of restoring the value of fatherhood.

Meet the Board

Ron Hauenstein

Ron Hauenstein

President & Founder

Fred Dent
Vice President
Founding Board Member

Fred Dent

Vice President & Founding Board Member

SpoFI Board Member
Certified 24/7 Dad Facilitator

Darrel Startin

Vice President of Training & Recruitment

Mark Andresen with his Grandson

Mark Andresen

Secretary & Founding Board Member

Nathan Henry with his Family

Nathan Henry


Tamara Bush

Tamara Bush

Board Member

Ike and Rachel Whitaker with their kids at their store, Whitaker Family Furniture on N. Monroe

Ike Whitaker

Board Member

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