One Heart Two Homes Co-Parenting Classes


Welcome to One Heart Two Homes Co-parenting Course led by CoParenting International Strategist, Darrel Startin

Raising children in two homes can be a very difficult experience for everyone. We acknowledge that all parties involved are struggling through one of the most painful experiences of their lives. Our goal is to lessen the hostility and increase the teamwork between parents by honoring each circumstance, educating in a non-judgmental way, and providing information that will help bridge the gap between two homes.

Co-parents may not be able to take the class together, depending on the situation. In this case, we recommend that both parents take the class at different times to begin the important work of building a healthy co-parenting foundation.

Co-Parenting Classes with One Heart Two Homes proven course curriculum
When: Saturday March 23rd 9am – 2pm

SpoFI Parenting Classes
Where: 711 E. 3rd Ave. Spokane

Cost: $75.00 
Standard tuition is $175 but scholarships have been donated to reduce your cost to only $75.

To enroll & for additional information, sign up now or call our offices: (509) 315-8850

What is the attendance policy?

A Certificate of Completion is handed to each parent once he or she has completed the course, and the course is paid for in full.

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