Parenting Classes: Registration & Current Schedule

Enroll in SpoFI parenting classes: 24-7 Dad® Class, Dad2Dad, Fathering in 15™, Anger Free Dad, or The Seven Secrets of Effective Fathers™

Complete the parenting class registration form below, and we will respond with an email to confirm your registration. See class sections below for schedule information. Please double check to make sure that your mailing address is correct before you submit your registration.

24-7 Dad® Classes

24-7 Dad® Class

  • Seats are assigned on a first come basis. Advanced registration here is required so that we can mail class materials to you before the class starts.
  • Classes are currently offered in-person at our local offices and online line via Zoom for students who are outside the Spokane area
  • Classes are generally taught on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, and when demand is high, Monday and Wednesday sessions are offered.
  • Currently, sessions run from 7:00-9:00 PM, with a light supper served each night at 6:30.
Schedule Note: The next series of 24-7 Dad® class begins April 30th -- classes will meet in-person and online. Enroll now.
Fathering in 15™

Fathering in 15™

  • We will contact you to establish a mutually acceptable schedule.
  • Taught online using Zoom or in-person as schedules allow.


Dad2Dad is a process group that meets with a licensed, professional counselor weekly for six months. This group is for men who have completed both the Basic (AM) and Advanced (PM) 24-7 Dad® classes. Dad2Dad is for men who want to continue their healing, growth and development.

Anger Free Dad

Anger Free Dad

Discover the path to a peaceful life with the Anger Free Dad, specifically designed for fathers struggling with anger issues. Learn effective techniques to manage expectations, reflect on past anger incidents, and lead your family with calmness, improving relationships with your wife, children, and colleagues. Start your journey towards better anger control and enhanced family harmony today with our comprehensive and transformative course.

Classes meet Monday evenings 7-9 PM for 8 weeks beginning January 8th, 2024.

You will learn

  • Skills to reduce explosive anger
  • How to set up positive people networks
  • Identify your own hidden expectations
  • Perform practical self-evaluation
  • Review your game film to understand your triggers
  • Find peace for you and your family
The Seven Secrets of Effective Fathers™

The Seven Secrets of Effective Fathers™

The Seven Secrets of Effective Fathers™ class is available to men who have graduated from the 24-7 Dad® Basic (AM) or Fathering in 15™. This class is offered on an irregular basis based on availability of facilitators and enrollment demand. 

Exciting News: The next series of Seven Secrets of Effective Fathers™ will begin Monday, March 25, from 7 to 8:30 pm

One Heart Two Homes Co-Parenting Course

One Heart Two Homes Co-Parenting Course

Led by CoParenting International Facilitator, Darrel Startin - Our goal is to lessen the hostility and increase the teamwork between parents by honoring each circumstance, educating in a non-judgmental way, and providing information that will help bridge the gap between two homes. Register now to for the next upcoming class.