Introducing “Dads About Fitness” (DadsAF)

Introducing "Dads About Fitness" (DadsAF)

Are you a SpoFI dad looking to improve your health and wellbeing on multiple levels?

DadsAF might be the next level-up for you. This unique six-week program is designed for dads who are committed to transforming their lives physically, mentally, and spiritually. Don’t let the playful nickname fool you—this program is all about serious commitment and becoming the fittest dad you can be.

Through a combination of knowledge, awareness, and intentional healthy habits, DadsAF harnesses the power of like-minded men in a supportive group setting to deliver impressive results.

By participating in DadsAF, you’ll gain the tools needed to cultivate lasting, healthy habits that will benefit you and serve as a positive example for your children and community. The group setting provides an opportunity to connect with other dads who share your commitment to personal growth, supporting and encouraging each other as you work towards your goals.

Embrace the power of knowledge, awareness, and intentional healthy habits, and join a community of dads committed to becoming the best versions of themselves. Together, we’ll create a legacy of wellness that will benefit ourselves, our families, and our communities for generations to come.

The Power of Community and Spirit

DadsAF believes in the power of community and spirituality to inspire and support one another through a transformative journey. Our program leverages these powerful forces to help you prepare for a moderately challenging 10-mile whitewater rafting trip—a thrilling capstone that tests and celebrates all you’ve achieved over the course of the program. We will run the Alberton Gorge section of the Clark Fork River, led by a veteran guide and area local on Saturday June 22, 2024.

Whitewater capstone adventure on the Clark Fork

Note: this video features footage from ROW Adventures. We will be led by a private guide who is a friend to SpoFI and has generously discounted our pricing!

Requirements to Participate

  • Must be enrolled in or have completed SpoFI’s Dad2Dad program.
  • Minimal gear needed (if you do not have, let us know and we’ll help you get it)
    • athletic shoes, nothing fancy just shoes you can move in comfortably
    • appropriate workout attire
  • A positive and encouraging attitude–we lift ourselves up by lifting others–DadsAF do not accept negativity or bad attitudes.

Space is limited for this invitations-only offering so be sure to register now if you want to join!

The Multiplier Effect of Community

DadsAF is about more than just learning; it’s about practicing the lessons we share and leveraging the multiplying effect of community to achieve improved results. By participating in our program, you’ll benefit from the added layers of support and accountability provided by the group. Just as teams and families share many common attributes, we believe that focusing on team-building principles will help you build a fitter family at home.

Integrating DadsAF into Your Daily Life

Our goal is to help you integrate the principles and habits learned in DadsAF into your daily life, so that you can experience lasting positive changes in your health, strength, and overall capability. By embodying strength, resilience, and balance, you’ll set a powerful example for your children and inspire them to lead healthier, more fulfilling lives.

Program Details

Wednesday Night Sessions

For 6 weeks, we’ll meet on Wednesday nights at 6PM at the offices of SpoFI for 90-120 minutes. These sessions will focus on key topics related to holistic fitness, such as:

  • Hydration, nutrition & sleep strategies
  • Physical fitness (cardio & strength training)
  • Flexibility & balance
  • Digital minimalism & mental health
  • Benefits of time spent outdoors

Each session will include an outdoor activity, followed by some classroom learning time. Attendance at these Wednesday night sessions is required to successfully complete the program and participate in the capstone trip.

Additional Weekly Activities

As DadsAF, we believe in going above and beyond the mere minimum. That’s why we invite you to join us for our additional weekly activities whenever your schedule permits:

Family-Friendly Weekend Activities

Each weekend, we’ll organize a family-friendly activity such as hiking, paddling, swimming, etc. These activities provide an opportunity for you to bond with your family while practicing the principles learned in the program.

Our first weekend family hike at Little Spokane River: Waikiki Springs Trail

Early Morning Workout Meet-ups

You’ll also be invited to attend as many early morning workout meet-ups as you can. These shorter sessions will occur on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 7:00 AM, lasting between 30 and 60 minutes. The meet-ups will include a variety of activities, such as:

  • Fast walk/talks
  • Light jogging
  • Intense track workouts
  • Park workouts using bodyweight exercises
  • Stair climbing
  • Cycling
  • Yoga
  • and more

While attendance at these meet-ups is not mandatory, we encourage you to come as often as possible or organize your own activities with other team members to better suit your schedule and interests.

Virtual Component

To further support your fitness journey, we’ll also have a virtual component to DadsAF. You’ll be encouraged to join our workout group on Strava, where you can share your efforts with the team and receive kudos for your progress. This virtual community will help keep you motivated and accountable throughout the program.

Join Us on This Transformative Journey

Are you ready to embark on a life-changing journey that can transform you into the fittest dad you can be? Join DadsAF today and experience the power of community and group accountability–together, we’ll build stronger teams, stronger families, and stronger, more resilient children.

Space is limited for this invitations-only offering so be sure to register now if you want to join!