Weekend Activities with SpoFI’s “Dads About Fitness” (Dads AF) Foster Community and Wellness

Dads AF first weekend family hike: Waikiki Springs Trail

In the scenic switchbacks leading down to the Little Spokane River today, a group of dads dedicated to healthy parenting and habits came together to hike. United by their commitment to personal growth and family well-being, these dads—SpoFI alumni and part of the Dads About Fitness (Dads AF) program—ventured into Waikiki Springs for a day of exploration and camaraderie.

Dads AF’s mission extends beyond SpoFI’s foundational fatherhood education programs. Graduates of those classes have an opportunity to continue growing through invaluable knowledge on building a fitness-centered lifestyle. It’s the integration of these lessons into real-life experiences that sets this program apart. Fathers not only learn about fitness and health for themselves but also how to nurture these values in their children.

As they traversed the trails, each step became a metaphor for the journey of fatherhood—a path filled with challenges, successes, and shared experiences. Today’s shared adventures included waterfalls, expansive views, learning about each other, and pushing through physical challenges.

This outing wasn’t just about physical exertion or breathtaking views. What truly defined the experience was the sense of community forged. Bonds created in the classroom were strengthened amidst rustling leaves, bounding dogs, and towering trees. Conversations flowed freely, laughter echoed through the forest, and friendships deepened.

These dads exemplify the power of community in raising children. They support each other not only in moments of joy but also during times of struggle. Shared experiences like today’s help them learn from one another, gaining insights and perspectives that enrich their journey in fatherhood.

Garret’s boys were along with their bikes and boundless energy. Their enthusiasm for shortcuts and fervor for dam-building was contagious. Moments like these brought creativity as B gathered heart-shaped rocks, and serenity as Jen and Sierra took some quiet time by the river. Logan, our resident Eagle Scout, reminded us to avoid the triple leaves of poison ivy.

This hike and future family activities serve as a testament to the strength we have in connection. Every interaction is a chance to model wellness and positive interactions. Garrett served as our guide, showing us the dams he and his boys were building, while Lawrence captured the fun with photos of bounding dogs, smiling faces, and the beautiful scenery.

In the end, the hike wasn’t just about completing a trail. It was about building lasting connections, embracing personal growth, and celebrating the power of community in fatherhood. SpoFI’s commitment to educating dads extends far beyond the classroom, empowering them to become healthier individuals and stronger partners and parents within a community that not only moves together but supports one another.

Join us! Discover Dads About Fitness and other SpoFI programs. Weekly outing schedules coming soon. Questions?