Fatherhood Building: Equipping Dads to Build a Stronger Spokane

Fatherhood Building Campaign: Empowering Dads, Strengthening Spokane

In Spokane, community leaders understand that strong families underpin a successful society.

SpoFI Fatherhood Building Campaign Update

You did it! Donations to our Fatherhood Building Campaign surged past the goal of $70,000, reaching an incredible $81,341.50. That’s 116% of our target. Way to go!

We rely heavily on private donations from individuals and businesses to reach the many dads and families that are in need of relationship training. We are honored that so many people like you recognize the importance of strong, vibrant families to our society. 

While the $81,341.50 exceeds our goal, it remains slightly short of the unexpected revenue gap we learned of just a few weeks ago. We are losing $15,200 in anticipated revenue that we would have received starting in July. If we add that number to our earlier goal of $70,000, our need has grown to $85,200, leaving us short by $3,858.50.

If you haven’t donated to this campaign, right now is a great time to make a gift.

By investing in SpoFI programs, your business can play a vital role in nurturing well-rounded and stable employees. Supporting fathers in their personal growth and family engagement directly translates to enhanced reliability and productivity in the workplace. Ultimately, partnering with SpoFI not only strengthens families and communities, but also contributes to building a more dedicated, dependable workforce – a win-win for businesses and society as a whole.

“The Spokane Fatherhood Initiative is…one of the most impressive father-serving efforts in the country.”

Chris Brown, President, National Fatherhood Initiative

SpoFi provides a unique service to the fathers of our community to get the mentorship, skills and resources that they need as well.  Courts benefit when the community can assist parents in resolving their conflicts and improving their skills. SpoFi offers services that if utilized, can improve outcomes for families.

Michelle Ressa
Spokane County Superior Court Commissioner

Please Help Us Reach Our Goal: $70,000 by Father’s Day, Sunday, June 16th!

Why Thriving Dads Matter to Business

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Learn more at spofi.org/business

Thriving dads contribute positively to their workplaces and communities. Learn how supporting fatherhood programs can lead to better business outcomes through improved employee performance and job satisfaction.

Campaign Details


Raise $70,000 by Father’s Day 2024 to support our fatherhood and relationship training programs.


Each contribution helps provide essential training to dads in Spokane, enhancing their roles in both family and community life.

Donation Tiers

  • Architect ($10,950): Funds ONE YEAR of fatherhood and relationship training programs for THREE dads
  • Cornerstone ($7,300): Funds ONE YEAR of fatherhood and relationship training programs for TWO dads
  • Builder ($3,650): Funds ONE YEAR of fatherhood and relationship training programs for ONE dad

Recognition for Businesses

Visibility for Your Business: Business donors will be recognized at events and via our digital media channels.

Please Help Us Reach Our Goal: $70,000 by Father’s Day, Sunday, June 16th!

SpoFI Fatherhood Success Stories

Just a sampling of the many powerful stories of dads who have transformed their lives through our programs. See the direct impact of your donations on families and the community.

SpoFI “Father of the Year, 2022,”James Tidwell

Discover the inspiring journey of James Tidwell, SpoFI’s 2022 Father of the Year, featured in the Spokesman Review on Fathers’s Day 2023. Subscribe to support local journalism and read his full story!

spokesman review front page fathers day

Del’s Journey: From Struggle to Strength

Discover how Del Flambouras turned his life around from battling addiction to embracing sobriety and responsible fatherhood. Thanks to the support from donors like you, Del participated in SpoFI’s comprehensive fatherhood programs, which played a pivotal role in his incredible transformation. His story highlights the profound impact our programs have on individuals and their families, demonstrating how your contributions help build stronger, healthier communities in Spokane.

sobriety and transformation social card

Video Testimonies

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SpoFI is an outstanding organization with integrous leadership that has a proven track record of effectiveness. Their quality programs are leading to true life change in fathers and families, and making a lasting difference in their community. 

Michelle Watson Canfield, PhD, LPC, Author

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SpoFI Founder and Executive Director Ron Hauenstein
SpoFI Founder and Executive Director Ron Hauenstein

SpoFI Founder and Executive Director Ron Hauenstein would enjoy the opportunity to share the SpoFI story with you. To arrange a meeting to learn more about how SpoFI helps dads become better fathers and employees, contact Ron using the button below.

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