Because of you…Del Flambouras has his sobriety and transformation in his approach to fatherhood

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In his heartfelt testimony

Del Flambouras, redefines fatherhood as “presence” — a concept that goes beyond the simplistic definition of being a father. He shares his personal journey, marked by challenges and transformation, to illustrate this definition.

Born in Spokane, Washington to immigrant parents who had survived World War II, Del’s life was shadowed by familial trauma and addiction. At 14, he faced homelessness and substance abuse, lacking a father figure and guidance. His life spiraled into drug and alcohol addiction, violence, and involvement in gang activities. He became a father at 18 while struggling with opiate addiction.

His turning point came after years of battling addiction

After the painful loss of his mother to her own struggle with addiction, he sought help and joined Spokane Fatherhood Initiative, taking 24:7 Dad classes and participated in other core SpoFI programs. These programs played a crucial role in his recovery.

Del credits SpoFi with his sobriety and the transformation in his approach to fatherhood.

Now over 400 days clean & sober

Del emphasizes the importance of a father’s presence in a family. He is proud to be an involved and committed father and credits his support network, including SpoFi, for helping him become a better version of himself. His story is a testament to the power of community, support, and the will to change, underscoring that a father’s role is pivotal in shaping a strong family unit and guiding children. Del’s journey from a life marred by addiction to a responsible, loving fatherhood serves as an inspiring example of resilience and transformation.

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