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  • Thank you for helping us reach 88% of our 2023 EOY goal!

    Thank you for helping us reach 88% of our 2023 EOY goal!

    We had an exciting finish to our fundraising campaign, as our December gift total reached $28,176. Our campaign total stands at $79,176, or 88% of the $90,000 we hoped to raise. This is an amazing demonstration of support for fathers and families. To all who gave, we say thank you.


  • “Donor generosity changed my life, changes others’ lives; I see it changing lives every single day”

    Donor generosity changed Jim’s life. He’s become a better father in SpoFI 24-7 Dad classes & stresses how important donated scholarships are.


  • SpoFI 24-7 Dad: “Anger Free Dad Changed My Life.” Classes Start January 8th

    Jim used to struggle with anger, just like many people do. He joined the Anger Free Dad class by SpoFI and it really helped him. In the class, Jim learned how to handle his feelings better and realized something important: getting angry is a choice. He practiced different ways to stay calm and not let anger take over. This made a big difference in his life. Now, he doesn’t just control his anger; he actively chooses happiness instead. He started getting along better with his family and friends because he wasn’t losing his temper all the time. Jim’s story shows…