Objectives of SpoFI 24-7 Dad® Fatherhood Classes

The primary objective of 24-7 Dad® fatherhood classes offered by SpoFI:

Help fathers develop the character qualities they need to strengthen or develop a positive, enduring relationship with their children and strengthen relationships to improve co-parenting.

The 24-7 Dad® curriculum is an evidence-based program

It’s used by hundreds of organizations across the country. Research shows these classes help dads significantly develop pro-fathering knowledge, attitudes and skills. SpoFI has been offering these classes using certified facilitators since September of 2018.

The desired outcomes of this training are to help fathers:

  • Develop and strengthen good fathering habits
  • Increase their pro-fathering knowledge, skills and attitudes
  • Increase the frequency of their healthy interaction with their children
  • Increase healthy interactions with the mother of their children

Significantly, the 24-7 Dad® fatherhood classes offered by SpoFI strengthen five “Protective Factors” identified by the Strengthening Families Program and the Center for the Study of Social Policy. The 24-7 Dad® curriculum helps dads strengthen all five Protective Factors.

Protective factors are characteristics or strengths of individuals, families, communities or societies that act to mitigate risks and promote positive well-being and healthy development. Research has shown that strengthening Protective Factors reduces the risk of child abuse and neglect.

At its heart, the Spokane Fatherhood Initiative helps families build the key protective factors that enable children to thrive. 

This means fathers enrolled in 24-7 Dad® classes can grow in many ways:

  • They find ways to solve problems and build and sustain relationships
  • They create positive attachments to their children and other adults, overcoming the father-absent wounds that have prevented them from developing quality relationships
  • They develop new social connections – especially bonds with other fathers — that provide emotional support that reduces the risk of child abuse and neglect
  • They stay connected to SpoFI after training ends which keeps them engaged in a positive environment, reduces anti-social behavior and adds to their growth and development through supplemental training workshops such as Conflict Resolution, Goal Setting, Financial Literacy and Career Development.
  • They learn accurate information about child development and appropriate expectations for children’s behavior at every age.
  • They learn important parenting skills, especially proper discipline.
  • Through their connection to SpoFI, they benefit from concrete support in times of need. Our resources give us the ability to meet emergency needs for food, shelter, health care, transportation and other needs.
  • They learn the importance of their involvement in their child’s well-being. Increased father involvement helps children grow their social and emotional competence. Dads in our programs become motivated to spend more time with their children and are given tools to help them strengthen their relationship with their children.

The five key protective factors are:

  • Parental resilience: Managing stress and functioning well when faced with challenges, adversity and trauma
  • Social connections: Positive relationships that provide emotional, informational, instrumental and spiritual support 
  • Knowledge of parenting and child development: Understanding child development and parenting strategies that support physical, cognitive, language, social and emotional development
  • Concrete support in times of need: Access to concrete support and services that address a family’s needs and help minimize stress caused by challenges 
  • Social and emotional competence of children: Family and child interactions that help children develop the ability to communicate clearly, recognize and regulate their emotions and establish and maintain relationships 

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