Thriving Dads are Good for Business


As a business owner who supports SpoFI with extreme gratitude, I realize the connection between healthy father-child relationship and a healthy work ethic. I am living proof that when fatherhood is prioritized in the home and community, the result is lasting employees, and safer places to work.

Ike Whitaker, Whitaker Family Furniture

Join the Spokane Fatherhood Initiative in the Fatherhood Building Campaign to raise $70,000 by Father’s Day!

Support local dads through specialized training programs that benefit families and businesses in Spokane. Donate today to make a difference and double your impact through matching opportunities. Visit our page to learn more and become a part of stronger community building.

Fatherhood Building Campaign: Empowering Dads, Strengthening Spokane
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Spokane Fatherhood Initiative’s training programs help fathers adopt the tools, skills and behavioral changes they need to become a better parent, spouse/partner and employee:

  • More committed to their family’s economic needs = more reliable, less absent employee.
  • Fewer problems at home = more focused at work.
  • Healthier, with less stress and anxiety = less PTO taken.
  • More dedication to their families = increased willingness to improve their skills and education, making them more valuable employees.
  • SpoFI programs often connect dads to new, positive social networks and supports, giving them resources in times of need.

All of these things add up to well rounded, more stable, dependable and long-lasting employees.

I support SpoFI because committed dads are more reliable and more responsible employees. They are more dedicated to their work because they are dedicated to the task of providing for their families.

Cary Snow, Snow’s Auto, Snow Development, Snow’s Management Consulting

SpoFI Programs Build Character

Connect with Our Executive Director

SpoFI Founder and Executive Director Ron Hauenstein
SpoFI Founder and Executive Director Ron Hauenstein

SpoFI Founder and Executive Director Ron Hauenstein would enjoy the opportunity to share the SpoFI story with you. To arrange a meeting to learn more about how SpoFI helps dads become better fathers and employees, contact Ron using the button below.