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  • Thriving Dads are Good for Business

    Spokane Fatherhood Initiative helps men become better dads, who also become better employees. Committed, dedicated fathers who are connected to their families make good employees. Responsible Fatherhood programs, like those offered by SpoFI, not only improve fathers’ economic prospects but also foster valuable social connections and support networks. This comprehensive approach enhances fathers’ stability, dependability, and longevity as employees, presenting a strong case for business sponsorship.


  • Tamara Bush

    Board Member educational researcher, Mom Tam Bush is an educational researcher, fatherhood supporter, wife, and mom of 3. She is completing her Ph.D. at Washington State…


  • Mark Andresen

    Secretary Executive Director for The Washing Mark Andresen and his wife, Silia, are new to Spokane, having moved here in 2016 from the San Francisco Bay…