SpoFI Dad James Tidwell

James Tidwell co-Father of the Year 2022

James Tidwell was separated from his children for seven years, but regained access in October of 2021. James gives credit to God and the Spokane Fatherhood Initiative for reuniting him with his kids. SpoFI chose him as non-custodial 2022 Father of the Year because of his passionate pursuit of becoming a better dad.

James Tidwell made many mistakes in the past and as a result spent more than six years separated from his four children. He was finally reunited with them in October of 2021.

James demonstrated incredible tenacity and amazing persistency in his quest to be the dad his children deserve. He has faced a seemingly endless list of tests, tasks and requirements, but he faithfully completed everything he was asked to do. He never gave up in his quest to reunite with his kids. He could have easily quit as he faced one frustrating setback after another.

His children are aware of how hard he works and the sacrifices he makes so he can spend more time with them. His behavior is a role model that will help his children become better adults and parents.

Today, his children are the focus of his life. Everything he does is oriented toward spending more time with his children and helping them grow in their character and education. It would have been for him to give up on his dream to reunite with his children.

He could have concluded that they would be better off without him and that he lacks the resources to be a dad. But he never let the dream die. He overcame his remorse and his shame and said “My kids deserve a mom and a dad” and committed his life to making that happen.