SpoFI Awarded $45,000 DCYF Grant for Fatherhood Programs to Reduce Child Abuse and Neglect

24-7 Dad Graduation Group 2/16/2024

We are pleased to announce that SpoFI has been awarded a $45,000 competitive grant from the Washington State Department of Children, Youth and Families (DCYF). Our proposal was ranked in the top 15% out of 27 statewide applications, with only four being funded.

Bringing Fatherhood Programs to Hillyard

The purpose of this grant is to fund programs that reduce child abuse and neglect (CAN). While emergency shelters and services for battered women often come to mind when thinking of CAN programs, SpoFI’s approach is unique. We will use the grant to bring our transformative fatherhood programs to Hillyard, one of the poorest neighborhoods in our community.

A part-time Neighborhood Outreach Coordinator will be hired to promote and facilitate our 24-7 Dad classes at the NE Community Center. We plan to teach the 12-session classes at least four times between now and June 30, 2025.

The Science Behind Our Success

Why was SpoFI’s proposal funded? Because our classes work! Here’s the science and rationale behind our winning application:

SpoFI’s mission is to help men, women, and children overcome the devastating consequences of fatherlessness by instilling strong personal, parental, and family values that will be passed on from generation to generation. Our goal is to create healthy families, the cornerstone of healthy communities.

Strengthening Protective Factors

24-7 Dad classes have been proven to strengthen Protective Factors, five relationship elements that increase family strengths, enhance child development, and reduce the likelihood of child abuse and neglect. A Texas survey of 645 dads enrolled in 24-7 Dad classes showed significant increases in four out of five protective factors.

Our own pre- and post-tests over the past four years demonstrate that dads who complete the 24-7 Dad program acquire new knowledge and skills, with an average 25% increase in correct answers.

Breaking the Cycle of Abuse and Neglect

Many dads in our fatherhood relationship training classes grew up without a positive father figure or in a highly dysfunctional family environment. Often victims of childhood abuse and neglect, these men are more likely to perpetuate the cycle with their own children.

The 24-7 Dad program uses Attachment Theory to create positive attachments between fathers, their children, and other adults. Dads learn to effectively nurture themselves and others, manage their emotions, and understand the difference between discipline and punishment.

A Toolbox for Fathering and Parenting

The 24-7 Dad AM course combines introspection through guided group discussion with a toolbox of fathering and parenting tips. Dads develop new social connections, learn about child development, and gain access to concrete support in times of need through their connection to SpoFI.

Transforming Lives, One Dad at a Time

We are confident in the effectiveness of the 24-7 Dad program not only because of the social science research but also because our dads tell us they have changed. They report improved emotional regulation, better communication skills, increased patience and understanding, and healthier relationships with their children.

None of this would be possible without the generous support of our faithful donors who provide the funding needed to offer these life-changing classes at no cost to our dads. When we tell our students that someone provided a $900 scholarship for them to attend a 24-7 Dad class, they are deeply moved.

On behalf of our board of directors and the dads, moms, and kids who are blessed by the transformation of a father, we say thank you.

Ron Hauenstein
Executive Director, SpoFI

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SpoFI Founder and Executive Director Ron Hauenstein
SpoFI Founder and Executive Director Ron Hauenstein

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