SpoFI 24-7 Dad: “Anger Free Dad Changed My Life.” Classes Start January 8th

Like many people, Jim used to struggle with anger

He joined the Anger Free Dad class by SpoFI and it really helped him. In the class, Jim learned how to handle his feelings better and realized something important: getting angry is a choice. He practiced different ways to stay calm and not let anger take over. This made a big difference in his life. Now, he doesn’t just control his anger; he actively chooses happiness instead. He started getting along better with his family and friends because he wasn’t losing his temper all the time. Jim’s story shows that with the right help and mindset, anyone can learn to manage their anger and choose a happier, more peaceful life.

Anger Free Dad

Discover the path to a peaceful life with the Anger Free Dad, specifically designed for fathers struggling with anger issues. Learn effective techniques to manage expectations, reflect on past anger incidents, and lead your family with calmness, improving relationships with your wife, children, and colleagues. Start your journey towards better anger control and enhanced family harmony today with our comprehensive and transformative course.

Classes meet Monday evenings 7-9 PM for 8 weeks beginning January 8th, 2024.

You Will Learn:

  • Skills to reduce explosive anger
  • How to set up positive people networks
  • Identify your own hidden expectations
  • Perform practical self-evaluation
  • Review your game film to understand your triggers
  • Find peace for you and your family