Donations at 110% of Goal, But a Funding Gap Remains

Funding Gap

🌟 Dear Friends of SpoFI, 🌟

Thanks to the incredible generosity of our supporters, our Fatherhood Building Campaign has reached 110% of its $70,000 goal! We’ve raised $77,415, an amazing display of community support for healing broken families by building stronger dads. However, our campaign isn’t over yet.

Last week, we received unfortunate news that a $19,000 annual grant scheduled to begin on July 1st will be reduced by 80%. This means we’ve lost $15,200 in anticipated revenue. Despite surpassing our original goal, our needs have unexpectedly increased.

Your donation to help us replace the missing $15,200 will ensure that dads with little contact with their children can learn how to become better fathers. SpoFI uses proven solutions to keep families together, but our revenues aren’t keeping up with the growing demand for our services. Can you make a gift today to help heal broken families? We have just one week left before we celebrate the end of our campaign on Father’s Day, June 16.

Providing a year’s worth of fatherhood training for one dad costs $3,650 – that’s just $10 a day or $304 per month. Any contribution will be a blessing.

Now is the perfect time to donate. You could be the person who helps another dad get the training and support he needs to restore his family.

If you’re a business owner or know one, thriving dads are great for business. Learn more and share this link with your business contacts:

Your support is a blessing! We are honored that you find our efforts worthy of your time and treasure. Thank you!


Ron Hauenstein
Executive Director

Connect with Our Executive Director

SpoFI Founder and Executive Director Ron Hauenstein
SpoFI Founder and Executive Director Ron Hauenstein

SpoFI Founder and Executive Director Ron Hauenstein would enjoy the opportunity to share the SpoFI story with you. To arrange a meeting to learn more about how SpoFI helps dads become better fathers and employees, contact Ron using the button below.



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