Join SpoFI Dad2Dad’s at Spokane Indians Family Feast Night

May 13, 2023 | First Pitch 5:09


The Hillsboro Hops

SpoFI Is looking forward to Family Feast Night with the Spokane Indians as they battle Hillsboro! We’ll have a reserved section for all our dads and their families /guests.

We are thrilled to offer discounted tickets to our dads and their guests at $15 each. Each ticket purchase includes $10 worth of Indian Bucks to be spent on concessions–at this or future games.

Important Note

Thanks also to Yoke’s Fresh Market

It's the second Yoke's Family Feast Night of the season! All hot dogs, Pepsi products, and ice cream sandwiches are only $2.00 all night long courtesy of Yoke's Fresh Market. And stick around after the game for Dairy Queen Circle the Bases! | Presented By Yoke's Fresh Market, KAYU FOX 28, & 92.9 ZZU



  1. Garrett Combs Avatar

    This is going to be fun! Can’t wait

    1. Lawrence Jay Long Avatar
      Lawrence Jay Long

      For sure! Looking for 100% turnout for this term’s guys!