Dr. Watson Canfield: 12 Reasons Why I’m Thankful For GirlDads

Thankful for GirlDads

We are pleased to share an insightful and inspiring article by Dr. Michelle Watson Canfield, a valued member of our advisory board. Dr. Watson Canfield’s piece:

12 Reasons Why I’m Thankful For GirlDads: The Thanksgiving Edition

The article beautifully aligns with our mission at SpoFI and underscores the profound role fathers play in their daughters’ lives.

Dr. Watson Canfield details 12 specific reasons that illustrate the significant influence fathers have on their daughters. Here are a few key insights from her article:

“Your opinion carries significant weight in your daughter’s life. Even if your daughter says or acts like your input isn’t important, it does.”

“Your attentive presence communicates more per square inch than you’d imagine.”

“When you show up, she internalizes that she is worthy and valuable.”

Dr. Michelle Watson Canfield
Thankful for GirlDads
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These points underscore the importance of a father’s engagement, support, and love in shaping their daughters’ identity, confidence, and self-worth. As a member of our advisory board, Dr. Watson Canfield’s expertise and perspective add depth and relevance to this message, resonating with SpoFI’s commitment to restoring the value of fatherhood.

We invite you to read Dr. Watson Canfield’s article and join us in appreciating the invaluable role fathers play in their daughters’ lives. Her message is a powerful reminder of the impact fathers have and aligns seamlessly with our mission at the Spokane Fatherhood Initiative. As you reflect on the significance of fatherhood, we encourage you to support our mission. Your contributions empower fathers to be the best they can be for their children.

Wishing all our friends a happy and safe Thanksgiving!