SpoFI Fathers of the Year Nominations

Awards have been given to SpoFI Dads: Richard Dee & Cameron Dietz. Outstanding work, guys! 👍

Nominations must be submitted in writing to the SpoFI President, Ron Hauenstein, or by using this page no later than:

Nominations Submittal Deadline - June 5, 2023

Nominations may be made by SpoFi Board Members, SpoFI Advisory Board Members, 24-7 Dad®Alumni or current Dad2Dad group members.

Final Selection Committee shall be comprised of at least three members appointed by the Ron Hauenstein.

There are two separate Father of the Year awards

  • Custodial Father of the Year–child or children live with the nominee
  • Non-Custodial Father of the Year–children do not live with nominee (for any reason including voluntary or mutual consent between biological parents)

Criteria for SpoFI Father of the Year

  • 24-7 Dad® Grad Basic or Advanced (see private emailed roster)
  • Basic Class Graduated on or before December, 2021 (18 months) or earlier
  • Advanced Class Graduated June, 2022 (12 months) or earlier
  • Shown significant progress as a dad since graduation
  • Clean and Sober
  • Stable living environment
  • DCYF case closed (or none)
  • Christian – Active in church, attends regularly
  • Employed
  • Actively involved raising his own or step-child or children
  • Has not been a previous recipient of the SpoFI Father of the Year
  • Exemplifies the principles of the 24-7 Dad® Program
  • Other Consideration: Supports/participates in 24-7 Dad® programs–service work, volunteering, etc.
Nominations must be submitted in writing or online with a written submittal that states Custodial or Non-Custodial with a narrative as to why this individual should be awarded Father of the Year. The narrative should include the number, gender and ages of the father’s children. Narrative is limited to 600 words (one page, 11 pt font, single spaced--if submitted in writing). The nomination narrative should also include how this individual exemplifies one or all of the 24-7 Dad® Characteristics.

Nominees will be screened to be sure that the nominees are 24-7 Dad®graduates according to the above criteria. Written nominations will be submitted to a Final Selection Committee appointed by the Spokane Fatherhood Initiative President. The names of the Final Selection Committee will remain confidential until after the Fathers of the Year have been publicly announced.