Thank you for helping us reach 88% of our 2023 EOY goal!

Thank you for helping

To all of our valued supporters:

We had an exciting finish to our fundraising campaign, as our December gift total reached $28,176. Our campaign total stands at $79,176, or 88% of the $90,000 we hoped to raise.

This is an amazing demonstration of support for fathers and families. To all who gave, we say thank you.

We regularly remind our dads who enroll for our classes that someone provided a scholarship for them so they could get valuable relationship training at no cost. Our donors are the fuel that will keep us going throughout 2024. 

On behalf of the families we serve and the board of directors, I wish you a happy and prosperous new year. 

With deepest gratitude,

Ron Hauenstein
Executive Director

Donors are Vital to Our Mission

Donors play a crucial role in the Spokane Fatherhood Initiative (SpoFI) 24-7 Dad® Fatherhood Classes by enabling the program to deliver evidence-based curriculum that significantly improves fathers' knowledge, attitudes, and skills towards parenting. By contributing, donors help fathers develop and strengthen positive fathering habits, enhance their interactions with children and co-parents, and foster critical protective factors against child abuse and neglect. Additionally, donors' support allows fathers to build problem-solving and relationship-building skills, gain knowledge of child development, learn vital parenting skills like discipline, and receive essential support in times of need, thus reinforcing the importance of their involvement in their children's well-being​

“If you can give, please do. Because it’s helping the community and it’s helping Spokane as a whole.”