Richard Dee Awarded SpoFI (Custodial) Father of the Year

Richard Dee and Ezra with Fred and Ron

Excellent work, Richard! We’re lucky to have you in the SpoFI family.

The following nomination was submitted by another SpoFI Dad and co-facilitator of 24-7 Dad® /Fathering in 15™ mentor, Cameron Dietz, who happens to share the Father of the Year (Non-custodial) honors with Richard this year.

I am firmly convinced that Richard Dee is the ideal candidate for this award. He has significantly contributed to the Spokane Fatherhood Initiative in numerous ways, including volunteering at classes and events, and completing all the programs on offer.

Richard is an exceptionally loving father and an even more compassionate individual who leaves a positive impact on everyone he meets along his life’s journey. What I admire most about Richard is his ability to derive profound joy from observing others express their enthusiasm about the things they are passionate about, irrespective of what those might be.

Richard comes from a challenging background, having spent time in prison and battled addiction. However, he has overcome his past and discovered the delights of being a father and a beacon of hope. His story serves as an inspiration for everyone involved with the Spokane Fatherhood Initiative. His goal is to help the Initiative realize its vision of reaching every family so that they can benefit from a loving and caring father figure present in their lives 24/7.

Regardless of the challenges one might have faced in the past or is currently confronting, Richard stands as the perfect exemplar that it is possible to turn your life around and lead an extraordinary life. This is the future we envisage for every family!

Cameron Dietz, Spokane Fatherhood Initiative Alum and Contributor



  1. Jonathan Smith Avatar
    Jonathan Smith

    Congratulations Richard! I am so proud of you and happy for you! Way to be brother! Way to be a good influence and force for your family and all that see you! Love you man! Keep going!!