Restoring the importance, value and dignity of fatherhood.

SpoFI’s mission is to create a new cultural climate that restores the importance, value and dignity of fatherhood through training programs, networking, community initiatives and public awareness campaigns that model the teachings of Jesus Christ.

The vision of the Spokane Fatherhood Initiative is to see God’s heart for fathers and families transform our culture.

2018 Fatherhood Conference
2018 Fatherhood ConferenceComing January 20

Safe Families Luncheon

Time: Thursday, the 19th of October @ 11:30AM –...

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Father and Son

3 Keys to Raising Boys in a Sex-Crazed Culture

1. Don’t just have “The Talk;” have many...

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proposal fatherhood

Proposal and Fatherhood Story

This is a great example of a young man stepping into the role of a...

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